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We are currently NOT taking orders due to high demand please check back soon for updates

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McCoy accessories can only be ordered via email. We will then contact you for money transfer. You can email us your chosen order here

  1. Fill out your details in the form
  2. Choose fins in the Select Fin Type (if you don’t want fins leave as “Choose fin”)
  3. Choose your Leg Rope in the Select a Leg Rope Size (if you don’t want a Leg Rope leave as “Choose Leg Rope Size”)
  4. Choose your Deck Grip in the Select a Deck Grip Type (if you don’t want a Deck Grip leave as “Choose Deck Grip Type”)
  5. Choose your Board Bag in the Select Board Bag (if you don’t want a Board Bag leave as “Choose Board Bag”)
  6. Clip Order and we will get back to you with details

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