As a school boy swam at state level, the winner of 4 Toowoomba titles, also a very competitive water polo player; started surfing in 1966 at Palm Beach, Queensland. Moved to Lennox Head in 1987 and since that time has earned all the respect of al the locals and many more as a surfer, wind surfer and a great all round water man, the tube master from 3’ to 15’. Surfs everyday unless doing loops and big air at high speed on his windsurfer. Al has travelled the world in his quest for good waves, having surfed throughout Indo, the South Pacific Islands as well as the Hawaiian Islands. A true dedicated life style, complete surfer.

I have surfed my boards in Australia in all sorts of conditions. On the Indonesian Islands of Sumbawa, Lombok, Bali and Sumatra. In Fiji, Western Samoa and in Hawaii on Kauau, Maui and Oahu. All on reef breaks on these Islands with their varied conditions. On my boards I have surfed a size range from 6 inch beach ripples to 12 – 15ft Lennox, Sunset and Sumatra.

Fantastic! With a quiver you can enjoy surfing all kinds of waves, small, large, fat. Hollow, power, all surf. I find they work in all situations. Late take offs, holds good speed, smooth and loose. Full arc cutbacks and fading bottom turns, snapping under the lip and really being on the timing of the wave.

I find the Nugget the perfect board. It allows me to ride a shorter board with total reliability drawing good lines and surfing tighter to the pocket on all types of wave size, power and shape.

I think McCoy surfboards have a high standard of quality. I have been riding McCoy surfboards since 1988 and I have found them quite durable, surfing some boards daily for long periods. They have been in some extreme situations, they sometimes cop a flogging but they handle it really well.

If you ride three fins you will rip! If you like single fins you will blow your mind! Go Surfin’.