This latest design is only available in the Single Fin which is best suited to the wider thicker tail area. The following information explains some of the untruths about Single Fin surfboard design and performance; also the amazing capabilities of the all new Single Fin Designs. Astron Zot is a shorter wider thicker version of the All Round Nugget design.

These designs range in length from 5′-7’6″ with widths between 21 ½” ~ 22 1/2” and vary in thickness to around 3”~ 3 1/4″. This range of single fin surfboards has been designed to accommodate surfers of all weights up to 100kgs.

Astron Zot designs are completely unique in all aspects; the plan shape is a beautifully balanced ellipse, which blends with the thickness balance, combining with perfect rocker curves, flowing into the loaded dome located under the back foot for maximum control.

These features blend into the softened bottom rail, with a 60-40 balance; the softened bottom rail runs right through the board into the tail area, providing the board with greater holding qualities on hollow waves, eliminating the need to add extra fins. The softening or opening up of the bottom, allows the rail to hold on steep walls giving the board a wider range of performance advantages, such as, more overall control, which eliminates catching of the rail forward and giving the single fin support, cancelling the need for any extra fins to be added; this, then allows the single fin to operate properly, doing very short quick arcs, carving from rail to rail, with constant flow and speed, with no catching or bogging of the rails.

These subtle changes have increased the board’s performance possibilities greatly; this allows the single fin to perform with greater control by the surfer, while carrying out the manoeuvres easily; where other fin combinations struggle to perform and make it difficult to control the multiple reactions, caused by the contours and release factors of the board.

Astron Zot designs are for wave size 1’ ~ 6’ in any conditions, their performance capabilities have to be experienced to be believed; very quick with fast positive reactions, short arc, up beat , FUN surfing. The plan shape and thickness balance in this design allow for both stances, Eg. Front foot pressure and back foot pressure.
This is achieved, by giving the front half of the board more resistance in plan shape and thickness distribution; allowing amazing performance capabilities in terms of versatility of technique to surf the design.

These are some of the subtle changes I have made to the single fin designs. I now believe these single fin designs will out perform, in all conditions, any other fin combination. I have been evolving and refining them for over 40 years; accumulating practical knowledge, whilst shaping and refining the concept.
Astron Zot feedback is extremely positive on their performance… is blowing people’s minds. If you are looking to inject some real FUN into your surfing, the all new Astron Zot will take you there. The most exciting advanced performance object to be released in 30 years, in fact, since I released the Lazer Zap.

The Astron Zot is a complete surfboard design for all surfing abilities, not just the elite! You may think you know how single fin designs function, but unless you have ridden a Geoff McCoy designed and shaped version you will have never experience the Amazing Performance these Advanced Designs offer, they have to be ridden to be believed.

5’6” Astron Zot

This is the smallest we make in the AZot range, extremely lively little performer, very reactive in a very wide range of wave conditions. As all nugget designs, it excels in hollow powerful waves.

This design accommodates surfers up to 70kgs

Pictured: 5′ 6″x 21 1/2″x 18″x 15 1/2″x 3″
Also available in these dimensions: 5′ 6″x 21 1/2″~22″x 17 1/2″x~18″x 15″ ~15 1/2″x 2 7/8″~ 3″ Single Fin

6’6” Astron Zot

This is our mid range design for heavier surfers or those that like volume, has all the nugget design features giving it a great wave range and performance capabilities.
This design accommodates surfers up to 85kgs.

Pictured: 6′ 6″x 22″x 18″x 15 3/4″x 3″
Also available in these dimensions: 6′ 6″ x 21 1/2″ ~ 22″ x 17 1/2″ ~ 18″ x 15″ ~ 15 1/2″ x 3″ ~ 3 1/4″ Single Fin


7’1” Astron Zot

This is a the biggest Astron Zot we can build for heavier surfers that want to ride a short board, that is practical and offers a great range of performance advantages over other designed surfboards for heavier weights.

This design accommodates surfers up to 100kgs.

Pictured: 7′ 1″x 22 1/2″x 18″x 15 1/2″x 3 1/4″
Also available in these dimensions: 7′ 1″ x 22″ ~ 22 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ ~ 18″ x 15″ ~ 15 1/2″ x 3″ ~ 3 1/4″ Single Fin