Every McCoy Surfboard is the result of Geoff’s uncompromising design approach, which integrates style, hydro dynamics and pure function. The Lazor Zap/ Nugget design, features compact hydro dynamic curves, underscoring the concepts of pure performance oriented efficiency that inspires them. These unique designs develop a personal emotional connection with the Surfer through their superior capabilities on the wave.

The Development of an Icon

In 1981 I began a design revolution with the introduction of my Lazor Zap concept; with its wide area, thick tail and extremely pointed low resistant nose area this Lazor Zap design revolutionised surfboard design.

At that time it was so unusual to what people were familiar with that it challenged the ideas and beliefs of the industry. In turn the Industry reacted with fear and rejected the design as it meant that the Powers that be of Surfing would lose the control that they were beginning to have over the direction in which surfing was heading. By rejecting the Lazor Zap they were able to wrestle control of the surfing industry and gain a hold on the Sales Market which was their only real interest.

A renowned Surfer of the day rode the Lazor Zap to 4 second places in the World Surfing Titles proving that this design concept was exceptional. Those second places are still highly questionable and controversial. Then and now many believe that it was the establishments way of discrediting me and my design so that they could Control Surfing and Sales. It would be fare to say that in those early days of the revolutionary concept I was still feeling my way; low on real knowledge and still running on revelation, even though the boards worked much better than the boards of that time.

The concept of the Lazor Zap is based on my Energy Theory, how that Energy turns into Wave Formation and how Objects react with those Formations. The Original Lazor Zap was designed with Short Arc, Reactive High Powered Surfing in mind. The Surfer was able to stand in 1 position, not having to move their feet to perform their manouvers and this is exactly how the boards performed. The Pulled Nose allowed the board to Elevate very quickly as it reduced the Length of Rail being used when the board is turning. In turn this allowed for more manouvers to be performed while the Surfer was Standing in a Fixed Position on the Wide Thick Supportive Tail which generates Greater Pressure and Easier Reaction. The advantages were many, easier to paddle, stand in one position to ride the wave, quicker reaction from the extra volume, easier turning from less resistance, and ability to Surf at a Faster Speed; in effect everything required of them the Lazor Zap Designs Delivered at all levels of performance.

Unfortunately these Futuristic New Designs were discredited, not judged Truly on their Design and Performance Capabilities but used instead to malign and discredit me and the hold that I had on surfing at that time; due to my superior understanding of design and my ability to transmute that into my Surfboard Creations. This was evident in the Team of High Standard Surfers that I had at that time.

The result of this has been years of surfers struggling to ride inferior badly designed equipment; equipment which only Professional Surfers of the highest ability were able to ride.

Over the past several years, surfers have begun to realise that they have been sold a myth, an untruth, this equipment which they have been conned into buying is not suitable for the average ability recreational surfer; for this reason many people have come to me with renewed interest in my 30 year old Lazor Zap Design; as a result of this interest I have redesigned the board now including all my latest design performance advantages. This upgrade in Design has given the Lazor Zap new life and advantages as an All Round Performer.

Some of the upgrades I have included are:

  • More Balanced Bottom Rocker and Thickness Distribution
  • More Forgiving Rails with More Hold
  • Better Location of the Loaded Dome Curves

These changes have made the design more user friendly and a Better Performer in waves up to 6’.

The results of these changes can also be seen in the capabilities in a much broader range of conditions allowing the Surfer of less ability than a Pro to ride and enjoy them. My Upgraded Lazor Zaps are available in either the Original Single Fin of with 3 Fins.

If you are looking for a Great Performing Board that also represents the Pinnacle of Design in the Golden Era, have a look at the 2011 Lazor Zap. You could say that they are Everything the Modern Short Board Should Be.

Geoff McCoy

Lazor Zap Phase I

5’-6’6” 1981-into the future

This is the original design of the iconic  Lazor Zap, the original template that later became the modern short board disaster with its impractical slender low volume , extremely hard to surf  performance.

The basic design concept of the Lazor Zap was to increase area and volume in the back half of the board using only one fin.

The  design concept not only worked, it blew minds around the surfing world, and history shows how it achieved four 2nd places in the World Titles  and a 1st under the feet of a great Surfer.

This extremely advanced design is now being copied (badly) world wide by all. These facts speak for themselves indicating the amazing capabilities of this Design Concept that Geoff calls his, ENERGY THEORY.

Lazor Zap Phase 2

5’- 6’6” 2005-into the future

Now performing better than ever with Geoff’s adjusted performance features, giving the design smoother dynamic curves, more even thickness distribution, which balances the board in a more practical way.

This allows for a much wider range of skill levels to enjoy the features and performance available from this original  Ground Breaking design.

Now, 30 plus years old and outperforming all other Retro designs and the modern short board by a country mile.