The purpose of this design is to provide an object that can be ridden forward or off the tail; So if you are a front foot Surfer or a back foot surfer the design of this object will accommodate pressure either forward or back.

This I have achieved by adjusting 3 design features; plan shape, bottom rocker and thickness distribution.

PLAN SHAPE  Is evenly balanced with nose and tail dimensions the same width, making the outline of the object more parallel.

BOTTOM ROCKER the planing area has been straightened and lengthened; it carries through to 12”-15” from the nose and then lifts to give the nose a smooth, moderate curve that provides nose lift.

THICKNESS DISTRIBUTION Is more evenly balanced throughout the length of the object. Middle thickness 3” and 1’ in from either end. Nose and tail thickness is 2 5⁄8”.

These design changes give the object more even balance so when the surfer’s weight is transferred forward or back, the object is not so effected and is able to provide more support allowing the object to keep a more balanced flow, eliminating the SeeSaw Effect.

When all the Support is in the middle of the object, transfer of weight forward and back causes the object to sink and bog forward and drag in the back.