Bernard is a true surfer who loves surfing waves and the bigger the better. Started his surfing life in 1974 in the Cronulla area of Sydney where he surfed constantly until 1984 and since then has surfed all over the world. Still surfs on a daily basis and is still full bore. Bernard is a purist surfer at heart, loves surfing for the right reasons, rips hard in all conditions.

I have been privileged to have ridden McCoy’s in Sumatra, Java, Bali, South Africa, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Northern Cal, Costa Rica, Oahu, Kauai and of course much of Australia. The conditions have ranged from 1’ slop to 12 to 15’ Sunset and Waimea Bay.

McCoy surfboards have never let me down, ever in any conditions anywhere, and always excel when the waves are demanding.

Mate, stoked does not come close to expressing it.

My favourite surfboard a 6’6” is over 2 years old has been on and off 15 airplanes surfed most of the above mentioned countries and ridden up to 12’ Aussie. Yeah it’s got some scars but it has held together better then any surfboard that I have owned in 27 years of hard surfing. It has been ridden probably over 500 times and still remains fresh whenever I paddle out.

If you do not ride a McCoy have as good a time as you can.