Top pic: Greg carving Indo wave on 5’ 11” Stumpy

Most of Australia and numerous trips to the Maldives. They all went perfectly. Actually I rode a 5’10” in quite solid Lennox Head, where I was warned not to go out due to a too small board, and it performed well and never spun out!

All my McCoy’s whether it’s a 5’5” Nugget or a 7’0” Semi Gun never let me down in 1 foot surf or 8 foot surf.

Always stoked on a McCoy. Walking home after a ½ foot onshore sure, few people are stoked, but I am one of them, as my board suits all kind of waves.

I surf reef breaks on a 4oz glass job but the McCoy seem to last well as opposed to other brands. Some of my boards are 8 or 9 years old.

After riding McCoys for 10 years I feel I am riding the perfect board for my intermediate/competent ability. My surfing actually improves with every new board