Once upon a time there were only single fin surfboard and life was very soulful for those lucky few that indulged in the escape called SURFING.

After many years of blissful existence surfing changed quite dramatically with the introduction of professional surfing bringing with it all the necessary ingredients, commercialism, money, power and most of all EGO and GREED, perfect for the capitalistic environment to survive in and even thrive in, so let the corruption begin, the stage is set for the manipulation of all that is necessary for these new breed of parasites to wallow in take control of the media and spread their brain washing propaganda.

The sad thing about this situation is the detrimental effect, it has had on surfing in general, the spreading of untruths certainly has not helped surfboard design at any level.

Once upon a time there were two pro surfers, one rode a futuristic single fin design and the other a twin fin design, both these designs were inspired by me whom at that time was the design leader of world surfing, so powerful was the McCoy name, the power brokers of the day decided to eliminate me and my powerful empire of the world’s best surfing. The excuse used was the single fin Lazor Zap to oppose the twin fin design, even though McCoy had moved on from the twin fin design believing the design to be limited in its performance capabilities as history has gone on to prove. In actual fact the situation had nothing to do with surfboard design and performance, it was the controlers of surfing’s way of discrediting, the Lazor Zaps futuristic surfing capabilities and eliminating the single fin design from the arena for all but those that understand true design and function. The desired out come for the greedy few has destroyed pure design through their complete ignorance. …….30+ years later……

I never stoped researching all facets of design and function accumulating volumes of practical knowledge and understanding, the wave, the technique for surfing, the function of an object to ride on!

My latest design is a single fin and its capabilities are almost beyond belief, I claim it will out perform any other fin combination in all conditions at any size, wow that is a huge statement for anyone to make. I also claim these ASTRON ZOT single fin designs to be my most complete work of all, so far and by far the best I also believe I have discovered the missing link in true surfboard design. These designs are vastly different from all other surfboards, they are the first of a whole new awareness of what this new age single fin can do.

These boards simply have to be ridden to be believed. May I also add that I believe these designs will bring the single fin designs back into  very valid prominence, ending the DESIGN MYTH about multi fined designs being superior.

Many Surfers  have already very happily found out what great all round performers the Geoff McCoy designed single fins are