McCoy 110% Gull Wing Original


I have been using these Fins since 1991 and they are Well Tested in a Wide Range of Wave Sizes and Conditions around the World. This Fins 110 Gull Wing originalFunction is to Provide more Drive and Hold while giving the Ability to be Easy to go from Rail to Rail as well as 
All Round Turning Ability. This Fin’s Design is Narrower in the Plan Shape than the Traditional Dolphin Fin Design, which have a Wider Base and Narrower Tip Area.
By Narrowing the Base and putting it into the Top of the Fin, it provides a more Efficient Drive and Hold Function, because the Area of the Fin is Deeper in the Water.
The Forward Knuckle in the Plan Shape Utilises the Waves Motion (drawing up and over).
This Function Pulls the Board Against the Face of the Wave, which Gives it the Hold and Drive.

All Australian made laid up fibreglass fins

Price $120.00 AUD


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