Custom Surf Board Wait Period

Please Note: Due to higher demand for our custom surfboards at this time there may be a waiting period of up to 4mths for your surfboard production. We promise, it's worth the wait!


After Handcrafting Surfboards for nearly 50 years and developing my energy theory, you will find that Geoff McCoy Surfboards are like no other on the planet.

Right across our range we create boards to surf above the water flow therefore offering a feel, a surfing experience like no other board you can buy.

Our Designs are based on the idea of harmonizing with the water flow of the wave by utilising area in plan shape which, combined with rocker modifications give continual flow through short or long arc surfing on the wave face for all surfing abilities.

Throughout our range you will find these characteristics hold true. Peruse our catalogue to select a design suitable to your needs.

Stock Boards (4)

Geoff McCoy hand crafted Stock Boards we have available for Sale

Nuggets (6)

The Geoff McCoy designed Nugget series are all about volume and having the board float high in the water.

Micro's (4)

“McCoy Micro” range is the culmination of years of progression of the Nugget design…….

Lazor Zap (2)

Created for quick, short arc, high performance surfing.

Astron Zot (1)

This model is the latest single fin design in the Nugget range of designs…..

Guns (4)

Geoff McCoy has been shaping and designing big wave guns for over 35 years. His knowledge and experience in this area are second to none…..

Malibu (2)

For laid back original cruising surfing

Retro (8)

A collection of my most popular and time proven Originals….

Balsa Boards (6)

This Exclusive range of Geoff McCoy hand crafted Surfboards is Faithfully Reproduced to adorn the wall of the Discerning Collector

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