Geoff has been fine tuning the Nugget for the last few years striving to understand more about water flow, buoyancy, plan shape, curves, bottom design and fin placement, in other words: how and why a surfboard works. The result: McCoy Micro Nuggets – an exciting range of small “Nuggets” designed to satisfy the needs of the modern surfer.


stumpy2More tail and less nose. Offering tremendous speed and support, the Stumpy loves to go vertical .......

Pot Belly (Micro)

potbelly microOne of our most popular models, the Pot Belly is all fun but designed to surf as radically as you want .......


splinter microOur slimline model, the Splinter maintains all the benefits of the smooth Nugget design and highly reactive bottom curves.........

All Round (Micro)

allround microThe most versatile of all the McCoy Micros........

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