What is meant by CONTINUAL FLOW?

It basically means the board will keep running through all the manoeuvres on all parts of the wave face. No stop, start, arcs or slowing and stopping on flatter sections.

How is this achieved by the board?

It is simply by designing a surfboard that can carry the surfer’s weight better and actually has a planing area combined with softer rails where the surfer stands, this allows the board to run higher in the water and stay on the planing surface, hence more flow through out the wave range.

The Nugget Design has most of the boards volume in the back half both in plan shape and thickness. In plan shape the board is widest in the middle then holding the width, only tapering slightly going into the tail area which has a full round curve for ease of turning giving the board the ability to hold the energy of the wave, allowing for continual flow.

The thickest point of the board is also the middle area which holds the thickness as it runs forward into the nose rocker, and through to the tail area.

This even distribution of thickness through the length of the board is one of the contributing features that allows the Nugget Design to be the free running, flowing, easy to control surfboard that it is.

The Nugget Design is at its best when the waves are powerful and hollow; with a wide spread reputation for ease of tube riding. This is because the softer blend of rail and bottom curves combined with the wider tail area allow the board to stay high on the wall where maximum speed is obtained from the wave, therefore giving the surfer every chance to ride deep and make the waves.

Surfboard design determines its performance capabilities.

Remember if the board cannot carry you comfortably, and has prominent design features in plan shape rail shape or bottom shape, it will react to those prominent features and will struggle to surf with continual flow. The features of design that provide the board with the ability to flow smoothly are a subtle blending of soft flowing curves as in the Nugget designs. Design through development.