Why Get A Custom Board?

A Board Built To Spec

The custom build surfboard is a board that is made to specifications submitted by the surfer/customer. If you decide to get a custom made surfboard, it is important to approach a surfboard manufacturer with a good history & reputation in the surfboard industry, that way if it is not what you expected or it does not function correctly for you, then you can talk to the manufacturer and refine it until it’s perfect.

Talk To A Real Person!

Built By McCoy

If you build a custom McCoy surfboard you can be assured that you’ll get the highest performance board for your unique riding needs. At McCoy Surfboards we take a hands on approach unlike any in the Industry. Overseen by the master designer Geoff McCoy himself, your specs are studied and then built correctly and precisely the first time, guaranteed.

What McCoy Riders Say

“Geoff McCoy deserves to be acknowledged as one of the best shapers in the world, along with Al Merrick, Rusty, Dick Brewer…”

Mark Richards 1979 – 1982 World Champion

“Every board Geoff custom shaped for me, after a couple of surfs the boards were part of me. I didn’t have to think about the board under my feet. When I take off on a wave you just imagine where you want to go and you go there. With Geoff’s unique Loaded Dome bottom curve on all the boards, changing from 6’6” to the 7’ or 8’2” Nugget is easy. I feel my surfing has improved riding the nuggets as top turns are easier compared to the pintails…”

Ian Brown

“No other boards go as good as the Nuggets and 10 of my friends have purchased Nuggets after riding my boards…”

Ian Brown

“After riding McCoys for 10 years I feel I am riding the perfect board…”

Greg Brennan

“I find the Nugget a perfect board. It allows me to ride a shorter board with reliability drawing good lines & surfing tighter…”

Alastair McDiarmid

“McCoy boards and I have now had 6 over 12 year period have radically increased my ability and confidence on most waves…”

Ian Cohen

“For durability, McCoys really last, no deck cave-ins, these boards are a quality finished product…”

Neil Cameron

“McCoy surfboards have never let me down, ever in any conditions anywhere, and always excellent…”

Bernard Clark

“There is a nice sense of balance in the boards, they feel balanced under your arm. First rate…”

Gerry Wedd

“Being a surfer who surfs everyday, McCoy designs stand the test of time…”

Roger Liley

Join A Community

Don’t just take our word for it, there are thousands of McCoy riders, from world champions to everyday riders, that swear by there surfing experience and have been using McCoy surfboards exclusively for decades! Join the private Facebook group and ask! Check out our guest riders gallery

Are You Ready For The Ride Of Your Life?

The Thinking Person’s Surfboard

McCoy Surfboards have been operating for decades with the philosophy of “Design Through Development” for decades. Surfboards are meticulously studied, refined and improved to get the optimum surfing experience with high performance in mind. Once you’ve surfed a McCoy custom surfboard you will never go back!

Are you ready to take your surfing experience to the next level?