McCoy Custom Surfboards are built to precision for your personal surfing needs. Therefore we only do custom surfboards by quote. this means when you fill out this form and send it to us we get back to you and talk you through your ideal experience and recommend what specs are best.

How to Buy a McCoy Custom Board

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Comment on your needs
  3. We receive the request and get back to you to talk about the build
  4. We agree on the specs & price and send you an invoice
  5. We begin the build and ship it to where you are in the world

Notes from a master surfboard designer:

Give us a comprehensive list of what you want to achieve with the board ie:

  • Ride small medium or large waves How you like to surf
  • Quick short arcs or smooth flowing turns How you want the board laminated and finished
  • Glassing (light, medium, strong), Finish (sand only, wet rub, full polish) Spray design
  • A design/colour of your choice

Basically, you are ordering a surfboard the way you want it to look and function for you personally so be as specific as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t know  exactly we will step you through the process after receiving the form.

Personal Details

Surfing Details

What to you want to achieve with this board and your surfing experience? Comment Below

Board Details

Sprays available on request

McCoy Surfboards strive to give you the perfect board for your unique optimum surfing performance, once you submit your order we will contact you for further discussion and complete the order.