The illusion is if it does not look like what the top 5 pro’s in the world are riding then it is retro. The McCoy Nugget designs have been classified as retro when in fact it is futuristic.

Modern designs are created by Jnr. Journalists and over enthusiastic clothing executives with no knowledge of Surfboard design and function. It has been done through the media with promotion of products and ignorant designers of Surfboards just following the rubbish written by some poor ignorant journalist who is almost in puberty, with absolutely no knowledge of Surfboard design and function at any level.

Modern Short Board Example Media Hoax – thin, dysfunctional

The McCoy Nugget design has proven to be a very practical way to go surfing if you want to have “FUN” in a wide range of surfing conditions. The Nugget design is being created by evolution as this is where I am at now after almost 40 years of continuous design, research and development.

The Nugget design is by far the most advanced all round functional Surfboard on the market today, no other design can offer such a wide range of wave size and conditions. The Nugget design incorporates the best features of all its predecessors, the Double Ender, the Twin Fin and the Lazor Zap, this is why I am confident about the Nugget as an all round performer in such a wide range of wave conditions.

It is earlier designs that make the Nugget design so practical and functional. The Nugget design has been tested in wave’s size from 1’ ~ 80’.

It has ridden conditions from glassy to extreme chop; proving its function in all conditions to be far superior.

Pic: A.R.N. 6’4″ x 22″ x 3″ Functional Futuristic S/B for the Majority