Gerry started surfing at Point Noarlunga South, in South Australia, on a coolite when he was 11 years old and quickly progressed to a wide vee bottom fibreglass board. Gerry surfed competitively throughout the seventies and won amazing 6 state titles back to back, in fact he won almost every contest he entered. He says he was a good paddler, that helps, but he is also an excellent surfer. After an extended hiatus due to a career in the visual arts was over come he is now surfing almost daily again. Also a very respected artist and among other interests is a contributor to Mambo.

On the York Peninsula, West Coast, The Mid and South Coast, of South Australia, from sloppy 1 to clean 6ft waves.

My first McCoy was a 6’2” Nugget which took a while to get used to but seemed to perform better as the waves improved. I have been riding a second hand 5’2” Nugget which has been an all time favourite in all conditions under 4 ft.

Yes, there are adaptations I have had to make but from my own perspective they have been positive. I feel like the boards suits a more carvey way of surfing but with a modern edge.

First rate.

When I walk down the beach with one of these boards (I am on my 5th) people either love them or hate them. There is a nice sense of balance in the boards, they feel balanced under your arm. It is refreshing to see boards actually made for surfing on waves (as opposed to ramps) and a singular vision which does not respond to general trends and contest results. FUN!