A friend told me about Geoff’s boards early 90’s. My first custom was a 7’2” pintail in 1992 then followed a 6’6” round tail, 7’10” pintail and an 8’6” pintail. Every 3 or 4 years I updated to newer versions of these sizes. In 2005 I bought a 6’6” McCoy Surftech. I loved the fact I could ride Geoff’s Nugget design with the extra buoyancy of the Surftech Epoxy system. I could ride a 6’6” and it paddled like a 7’ polyester board. I then bought the 8’2” and 7’ McCoy Surftechs. I ride the 6’6” in waves up to 2m, the 7’ in 2 to 3m waves and the 8’2” in any waves from half a metre to 5m waves.

Gold Coast, Byron Bay area, North Shore Oahu and Indonesia. Everything from half a metre to 5m waves at Sunset Beach and in Indo.

Every board Geoff custom shaped for me, after a couple of surfs the boards were part of me. I didn’t have to think about the board under my feet. When I take off on a wave you just imagine where you want to go and you go there. With Geoff’s unique Loaded Dome bottom curve on all the boards, changing from 6’6” to the 7’ or 8’2” Nugget is easy. I feel my surfing has improved riding the nuggets as top turns are easier compared to the pintails.

People comment about how fast the boards go, how easy the boards help you catch waves, how they handle in barrels and how much fun I have riding them.

Every custom board I got the full 6 ounce glass job top and bottom with a finish coat and thicker stringer. The materials Geoff uses in making his boards are of the highest quality and the glass jobs are first class. I still have all 12 boards I bought from Geoff. The Surftechs are very durable however if you choose a McCoy Surftech, make sure you purchase fibreglass fins from Future Fins as the black fins Surftech supply are too flexible to handle the wide tail of the Nugget.

I would like to thank Geoff McCoy for making the boards I have been riding from 1992 until now and into the future. I try other guys boards when I give them a go of the Nuggets, no other boards go as good as the Nuggets and 10 of my friends have purchased Nuggets after riding my boards. When I go overseas I take the 6’6”, 7’ and 8’2” McCoy Nugget Surftechs and I know I will be able to catch any wave I want and bring the boards home in one piece. If you want to be the surfer having the most fun get on a Nugget.