8’2”: 2-8ft most waves Byron to Broken Head and Lennox Head, Indonesia Bali and G Land. 9’8”: Byron, Lennox Head, Angourie, Bali and G Land. “Have you read the short story by Sommerset Maugham about a man who could see lived in the valley of the blind and when they discovered he could see. They poked his eyes out.”

Paddle power, get into the waves early deal the with crowd in Oz and Indo. The gun is super reliable in big waves and deals with chop that flicks lighter and smaller boards over at takeoff. McCoy loaded dome even the slight design feature in the gun gives positive down the face paddle momentum to get into big waves.

McCoy boards and I have now had 6 over 12 year period have radically increased my ability and confidence on most waves. At 58 years old I get more good waves then I have ever had in the past. It is all about buoyancy curve and flow translating into paddle power.

They are well finished and strong generally thicker then most boards hence less liable to break.

Whatever McCoy I choose to surf I get the feedback “You’ve got the right board for this wave.”