JURAKI is an Indigenous Not-For-Profit community entity committed to creating, supporting & partnering in community activities, programs and (sporting) events that give Indigenous similar yet culturally-sensitive opportunities to main-stream. “Closing the gap from the Indigenous perspective”

JURAKI – the name of our Indigenous Community Not-for-profit Organisation – is an acronym for Churakai.

Churakai, a kind and brave Indigenous man, was recognized as the original life-saver of the Coolangatta & Greenmount area. This was noted in the committee minutes of the Greenmount Life Saving Club (established in 1909 – the 1st in Qld.). He had performed many rescues and received a Letter of Commendation in 1911 from the Royal Humane Society of Australasia (whose patron was King George V).

But even before Churakai, local Indigenous were publicly acknowledged for being generous to shipwrecked men and local settlers – providing food, supplies, shelter & loyal friendship. Aboriginal culture is synonymous with a deep understanding of the earth, the elements and ultimate connection to life and therefore sharing with those in need, was part of the Custom.

JURAKI honours Churakai, the first Indigenous life-saver, as well as respecting the long held culture of the Elders mentoring the young in traditional ways – sharing history, knowledge & the Custom. JURAKI recognizes the need for this cultural-chain to be perpetuated. JURAKI will create, partner and support Indigenous activities, programs and events that synchronize relevant mainstream activities with cultural & individual understanding. JURAKI aims to be sustainable, flexible and pro-active whilst at the same time being kind and generous of spirit – like those before including Churakai.

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