Born and lived in Coogee until around 12 years of age. From there the family moved to Maroubra where Larry learnt to Surf big powerful waves.

Maroubra was definitely the learning ground for Larry’s career and development into Surfing big powerful waves. At the age of only 19 Larry, the boy from Maroubra won an invitation to the Pipeline Masters by winning the 1978 Coke Contest in Sydney.

Larry went on to be the first and youngest Aussie to win the Pipe Masters and to win it back to back and remains the youngest ever winner of the event. Winning in 1978/79

Larry now lives in Bali

“The great thing about Geoff’s boards is you always come in with a smile on your face. He has always been advanced in his designs. And when I was competing he was so supportive of how hard I tried  when I was competing. Being a 18 or 19 year old kid and competing against the world wasn’t easy. I needed all the support I could get. And Geoff was always there for me. thanks again Geoff”

Larry will soon be releasing a book about his upbringing