Who is Nestor?

Nestor Jose Batlle was born in Puerto Rico and at the age of 4 moved to central Florida where he learnt to surf on a Finless Surfboard and his passion for surfing was born.

Over the following years, he surfed a variety of different Boards while searching for equipment to complement his surfing style and his individual approach to surfing.
During these years he attended university and became a science teacher.

A few years ago he came across a McCoy Nugget Design Surfboard, bought it and began surfing it and was intrigued by the way it performed. He later contacted me and asked if I would make him an Astron Zot single fin Nugget which I did, a 7’ 2”.

Nestor’s investigative mind has allowed him to analyse the board’s performance and design features.

The following letters were sent to me by Nestor outlining to me in scientific terms what his discoveries were in the designs of his Nugget boards.

No one before has even come close to understanding the object and how it reacts in practical function. With his permission, I decided to pass his findings on for people to read and learn about the advance design features of my Designs and how and why they work so well.

Nester has put into scientific terms what my Design Journey through observation and experience combined with Intuition has taught

Nestors Observations and Thoughts

By the way Geoff. I wanted to let you know, that what you have discovered through 40 years + of experience is scientific in the classical sense. Since the 1900’s empirical scientists have hijacked the term scientific as only meaning mathematical or empirically tested by quantifiable measurements. There are three levels of abstraction. Math is not the highest level of abstraction. It is the second highest level and is limited to continuous extension or discrete quantifying of matter. The highest level of abstraction is Metaphysics. Metaphysics is what you have done. Metaphysics looks at being, or existing things, as being, or as existing things. Quite simply Metaphysics looks at things as they are, because they exist.

Nothing makes sense with out this, and math is only occasionally needed to explain certain things. Metaphysics is known as the queen of the sciences, or rational philosophy. True and correct Metaphysics is realism. It began to be obscured, purposely forgotten, and mutilated with modern philosophy which began with Descartes and got worse after him.

The three levels of abstraction are The general universal idea of particular things, such as Humanity from a particular individual man, caneinety from a particular individual dog, equinity from a particular individual horse, or felinity from a particular individual cat. The second level of abstraction is math. It is limited to concrete material things, since they are changeable and mutable and always decay, and is limited to measuring, continuous and contiguous extension and discrete quantity of matter.

Metaphysics is the highest level of abstraction since it can deal with anything that exists, material or non-material (like ideas and concepts) and looks at anything that exists as it is, that the thing does exists and it is what it is. It is the highest since no math, no tests, nothing makes sense without Metaphysics. The highest level is also the simplest since all things possess 4 transcendental properties: Unity, Beauty, Truth, and Goodness. Using as an example a Surfboard; All things have four causes. A material cause (foam and fiberglass), a formal cause (the idea of the shape and the functioning of the thing being made into a reality if it comes out as it is in the mind), the efficient cause (who or what made it, instrumental efficient causes are the tools used), and the final cause (what is the thing made to do, what is it for?)

Hello Geoff,

Finding the right board, It’s like the narrow path. You have to have some certain kind of mind, quality, of searching, luck, and circumstance to find it. But there is light. One day a couple of years ago, I was surfing at New Smyrna on the AZot. The surfers there are good. It’s the shark attack capital of the world, but they surf good there. This middle age guy on a colourful short board was ripping and the others too. They said to me, “That looks like a cool board.” So I told them about it. He said, along with some others, oh yea, I remember Geoff McCoy surfboards, he still makes them. I’ve never seen his new boards in real life. They are sick boards. Let me see the bottom of the board. Common, let us see the bottom. So I showed them the bottom, as I tread water, and they said sincerely, “That is awesome. Yea man that’s pretty cool. I like that man”. They said this to each other. And we chatted through out the session. And many years before that this older guy saw me at North Side New Smyrna and he said he has the most fun on the surftech Nugget and he puts two large twin fins on it.

At another beach I was surfing with my friends who were sceptical about it. 8 years before that I did my best surfing ever in front of them on the 6’6″ Interchange surftech Nugget. And about two years ago, in head high to over head bumpy surf, on the 7’2″ AZot, I did an air in front of them, spontaneously, I don’t usually think when I surf, and they were telling me, I can’t believe you did an air on that boat.

Thanks Geoff,
Keep Surfin!