Exclusive limited Edition Lazor Zap surfboards are here!

Tested at Avoca beach in 1981, Bruce Turner was the Test Pilot….this design was eventually ridden into world prominence by legendary surfer, Cheyne Horan, Mark Warren Nicky Wood, Damian Hardman and many other world class surfers.

Lazor Zap Certificate of Authenticity: A Replica of the 1st original Lazor Zap of 1981

A Brief History My original concept for the Lazor Zap was to create a design to be surfed from the back half of the Board, eliminating the need for the surfer to have to move forward to gain speed. This was achieved by a huge reduction in the nose area and an increase in the tail area that gave the object in plan shape, a teardrop appearance.

It was then necessary to relocate the planing area from the middle of the Board to the back half whilst at the same time redesigning rocker, bottom contours and rail shape. Once this was achieved it was time to test the board; this was carried out at Avoca point on the NSW Central Coast. They were anxious times leading up to the test surf as we did not know what to expect. It was with great relief to all when the board performed beyond expectations and a new design concept was introduced into Surfing. This is an exact replica of that revolutionary Board which Geoff McCoy has shaped for his Limited Edition Series.

Resin Artist Ross Wilson, master colour tint/pigment resin artist and craftsman has worked his renowned talents into creating individual resin finishes for these handcrafted Limited Edition Lazor Zap Replica Models. Ross and I have united our unique skills, honed over a lifetime to produce these highly collectable, Master Crafted Limited Edition Lazor Zap Models.

These Lazor Zaps will be personally signed and authenticated by Geoff McCoy! The first 2 sold already! please

Geoff McCoy

Limited Edition Astron Zot Phase 1

In 1983 through the process of the evolutionary development of my original Lazor Zap Design I decided to increase the tail width and created a complimentary range that I called Astron Zot Phase 1

This Board exhibited all of the Design Characteristics of the Lazor Zap: speed, stability, immediate support off the tail, with no need to step forward to trim out; quicker, shorter, with more control on steep barrelling waves and in the tube. It then became apparent that by winding the dial a little more the performance would be improved. This is what the Astron Zot Phase 1 was, an improved performance version of that original Lazor Zap, which in turn was a vast improvement on the old style, wide point forward of half way with a narrow non supportive tail Board. What I am now offering is a Limited Edition run of these Designs.

These Models will only be available in Single Fin design featuring my Original 110% Gull Wing Fin. We are offering these Boards with a range of Double sided Spray designs. These unique Boards will be available from 5’8”- 6’2” in a variety of dimensions to suit the balance of the Board.

Limited Edition Balsa Board

Exclusive range of Geoff McCoy hand crafted creations is Faithfully Reproduced to adorn the wall of the Discerning Collector. Each Hand Crafted Limited Edition Board one of 25, is shaped, numbered and signed personally by Geoff. All Wood Lamination is produced by Pat Lyons from Currumbin Wood Works; whose craftsmanship is second to none, clearly evident in our uniquely crafted designs. These faithfully reproduced Balsa and Exotic Wood Models are Replicas of the original designs created and shaped by Geoff McCoy and produced by the elite craft workers at the P.S.M. factory in Byron Bay. And…YES you can ride them!

Exclusive: Geoff McCoy Personal Collection For Sale

For the First Time I Am Offering a Collection of My Personal Boards. This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Display My Personal Evolution in Surfboard Designs Over the Many Years of My Design Revolution.

Geoff McCoy Personal Collection Boards:

  1. The First Range is my Short Board faze, predating 1991
  2. The Second Range 1994 – 2017 Introduces my Nugget Designs and their and my Transition and Evolution from Short Board to 8’0″ – 8’4”
  3. My Test Models for Each Size
  4. Short Boards: 5’0” – 6-4”: These are the last Short Boards I rode before Transitioning to My 8’0” Designs in 1994
  5. Longer Board: 8’0” – 8’4” widths 21” – 22 “ Thickness 3”- 3 1/4”

Geoff McCoy Personal Collection 1

Geoff McCoy Personal Collection 2

Geoff McCoy Vintage Collector Boards

Meiko’s Personal Collection

All of these Boards were Ridden with My Single Gull Wing Fins.

I have included the 7’11” Board which I shaped for my Surftech Range which have been Ridden with Success on Waves between 1’- 8”

Send your expression of interest on the Collectors Form


Carbon fibre with Independent truck Co, trucks , mercer 72 mm 83A wheels. Hand crafted by the resin master himself Ross Wilson. It is totally unique and only A ONE OFF defiantly a collector investment.


Due to popular demand Geoff has decided to release a small selection of McCoy Surfboards promotional material from 1970 – 1980.

It was during this time that Geoff McCoy designed surfboards began to influence and go on to dominate world surfboard design. From the conception of the Lazor Zap wide tail single fin design which has gone on to be adjusted and modified into todays modern short board; Geoff McCoy Designs continue to influence and lead the way. If you want the personlised touch you can buy these Canvas Prints signed by Geoff McCoy!