All Geoff McCoy designed boards are constantly subject to on going subtle interesting changes. The latest designs have been re balanced in plan shape and also in thickness foil and rocker.

These small exciting subtle changes are a continuing refinement of already proven designs making them even more user friendly and more predictable than ever before. The already proven Nugget design range 5’ 0”~ 8’ 2” has had an extra model added to the range. These latest design have had the tail shape changed slightly, it is now more elongated.

This subtle change will increase drive off the bottom, once again providing the surfer with more overall controlled performance through out a vast range of waves.

The nose area has been increased very slightly by using a fuller curve that blends the nose to tail balance more evenly throughout the range, they are now so sweet in outline you can almost taste it.

The thickness foil has been adjusted ever so slightly by adding a little more volume through the planing area, this is also the main support area of the board, by adding too and changing the balance it reduces the surfers need to change position while turning and trimming the board through out a extremely wide range of wave sizes and conditions.

These subtle but performance enhancing changes are part of our everyday ongoing research for the state of perfection in the McCoy designs.