McCoy History

Today Geoff McCoy sits at the pinnacle of his profession.

His designs are eagerly awaited and then instantly incorporated by his counterparts. This is the highest accolade that can be given anyone.

To ride a Geoff McCoy Designed and personally shaped surfboard is to be on a vehicle, which has taken years of knowledge to produce. This vehicle which has been brought into being, is at the very cutting edge of Design Through Development and will perform for each individual in a way that they could never before even dare to conceive possible. This product, produced by the Guru of surfboard design, will take you anywhere you want to go.

Designed to free your mind

It has been designed specifically to free your mind and enable you to reach heights in your surfing that you have never dared to allow yourself to believe possible, to release you innermost self, and to become one with that being, to glimpse that place of perfection which before was only a dream.

George Greenough was responsible for bringing the idea of even shorter boards to Australia. This influence had a big effect on Australian design.

In those days I surfed Narrabeen which was the breeding ground for many great surfers and was also the home of the number one Boardriders’ Club, not just in New South Wales but all over Australia. My designs had a major influence on Australian board design mainly through these riders. Also, at this time I moved to Keyo Surfboards where my small board designs really started to take off.

By 1970 it became obvious that I needed my own factory to allow me full autonomy in the development of my own design concepts. When I opened my first factory in Brookvale it was instantly successful.

Having my own factory allowed me to give full reign to my design concepts as well as having a team of top surfer/pilots let me expand on those design ideas.

In 1971 I went to Hawaii, the centre of surfing, and an important learning ground. Several months after returning to Australia the design concepts and impressions which I had collected in Hawaii began to formulate in my mind so that I incorporated these into my boards. They were the only truly Australian designed boards on the Market. I then started the twin-fin revolution, short, wide and thick in beginning, and then later redesigned a longer, narrower and thinner version, very similar to the twin fins which are still in use today.

Continually experimenting with varying rails, plan shapes, thickness and rockers. I then moved on to the wide tail single fins which were known as the ‘Lazor Zaps’. These designs were also short, wide and thick. I took most of the area out of the nose and added more width to the tail area.

The ‘Lazor Zap’ is the forerunner to the modern short board, which some surfers are still using to this day.

After a frustrating period of time during which I tried to make the modern short board function consistently and most favourably for a range of abilities, and finally achieving only mediocre results, I decided to do my own thing with the design again. Hence the conception and creation of ‘The Nugget’.

This is the most exciting, practical and functional design on which I have worked. This surfboard incorporates all the knowledge and skill which I have accumulated over my many years of design and shaping, and it is the ultimate vehicle for anyone. You do not need to be a professional surfer to ride this board, but it will enhance your abilities at whatever stage of surfing you are. Thus, if you are someone who surfs at the Pro level then, you will be able to surf even better.

This board which has evolved from my many year of experience and knowledge as a world renowned designer, shaper and manufacturer incorporates: practicality, stability and functionality with my revolutionary ‘Loaded Dome’; by a long way it is the best design so far.

It is a complete unit capable of utilising a wide range of conditions, a simple form in its appearance, but in reality a complex, subtle blend of curves. Curves which produce amazing results, bringing all of the board’s contours together in a way which allows the surfer to concentrate on the manoeuvres which he wants to do while the board is performing anything that you asked of it; that is, a subconscious command which becomes a conscious reality.