Growing up Surfing in South West Victoria in the late 80’s. I had little to do with the mainstream surf industry. All I knew is what was in the Magazines and Surf Vids. I rode the boards that were in vogue or in stock at local surf shop, with little thought to what I was riding as a Grommet. In the 90’s I moved to Sydney then a few years on the Gold Coast. During that time I rode designs from some of Australia’s best shapers. Some boards were great but many were flawed, too much rocker and way too thin and sensitive for average surf. By the end of the 90’s I moved back to South West Victoria to live. I continued to ride boards of similar dimension to what the pros were riding until 2011.

After suffering lower back and pelvic/hip problems I started to question what I was riding. I ordered a fish and increased the volume on my regular boards, which helped to some degree. It wasn’t till I stumbled on a second hand nugget that I became aware of Geoff McCoy and his current designs. Since then I have ordered several boards, Nugget, Lazor Zap and Semi Gun.

All McCoy boards are not only made to last and easy to paddle but perform better than any other design I have ridden in over 30yrs. It did take a few changes in technique at first to understand how Geoff’s bottom contours, rails and volume worked, but when it all came together it made surfing as fun and high performance as my ability is capable. Forget what you think you know and give a McCoy a go!