This Cutting Edge Design of Geoff’s, is the accumulation of his knowledge and skills. This Design has been copied and produced by shapers worldwide. We offer this Faithful reproduction of Geoff’s Latest Design Contribution in Paulonia wood. This Model completes the set of these Beautifully Handcrafted Exclusive Limited Edition Masterpieces, an Investment for the Future, a must have, for the Discerning Collector.

Exclusive range of Geoff McCoy hand crafted creations is Faithfully Reproduced to adorn the wall of the Discerning Collector. Each Hand Crafted Limited Edition Board one of 25, is shaped, numbered and signed personally by Geoff. All Wood Lamination is produced by Pat Lyons from Currumbin Wood Works; whose craftsmanship is second to none, clearly evident in our uniquely crafted designs. These faithfully reproduced Balsa and Exotic Wood Models are Replicas of the original designs created and shaped by Geoff McCoy and produced by the elite craft workers at the P.S.M. factory in Byron Bay. And…YES you can ride them!