Limited Edition Astron Zot Phase 1

In 1983 through the process of the evolutionary development of my original Lazor Zap Design I decided to increase the tail width and created a complimentary range that I called:

Astron Zot Phase 1

This Board exhibited all of the Design Characteristics of the Lazor Zap: speed, stability, immediate support off the tail, with no need to step forward to trim out; quicker, shorter, with more control on steep barrelling waves and in the tube. It then became apparent that by winding the dial a little more the performance would be improved. This is what the Astron Zot Phase 1 was, an improved performance version of that original Lazor Zap, which in turn was a vast improvement on the old style, wide point forward of half way with a narrow non supportive tail Board.

What I am now offering is a Limited Edition run of these Designs.

The photos above are of the original Astron Zot Board.

These Models will only be available in Single Fin design featuring my Original 110% Gull Wing Fin. We are offering these Boards with a range of Double sided Spray designs.

For further information and Orders please contact:

02 66 841 734 or email