Exclusive limited Edition Lazor Zap surfboards are here!

Tested at Avoca beach in 1981, Bruce Turner was the Test Pilot….this design was eventually ridden into world prominence by legendary surfer, Cheyne Horan, Mark Warren Nicky Wood, Damian Hardman and many other world class surfers. Lazor Zap Certificate of Authenticity: A Replica of the 1st original Lazor Zap of 1981

A Brief History My original concept for the Lazor Zap was to create a design to be surfed from the back half of the Board, eliminating the need for the surfer to have to move forward to gain speed. This was achieved by a huge reduction in the nose area and an increase in the tail area that gave the object in plan shape, a teardrop appearance.

It was then necessary to relocate the planing area from the middle of the Board to the back half whilst at the same time redesigning rocker, bottom contours and rail shape. Once this was achieved it was time to test the board; this was carried out at Avoca point on the NSW Central Coast. They were anxious times leading up to the test surf as we did not know what to expect. It was with great relief to all when the board performed beyond expectations and a new design concept was introduced into Surfing. This is an exact replica of that revolutionary Board which Geoff McCoy has shaped for his Limited Edition Series.

Ross Wilson: Resin Artist

Ross Wilson, master colour tint / pigment resin artist and craftsman has worked his renowned talents into creating individual resin finishes for these handcrafted Limited Edition Lazor Zap Replica Models. Ross and I have united our unique skills, honed over a lifetime to produce these highly collectable, Master Crafted Limited Edition Lazor Zap Models.

These Lazor Zaps will be personally signed and authenticated by Geoff McCoy!