Roger Liley – Co. Founder West Surfing Products

Started surfing in 1966 at Bundeena in N.S.W. Has won 2 state titles in competitive surfing, having also surfed in several Australian titles over the years and to this day is hard core surfing almost everyday at least once a true born again grommet. A real surfer in big surf business is hard to find.

Margaret River area. North West Aust. Mandurah (WA) Indonesia – from very hollow to big powerful out reefs and small beach breaks.

My boards work perfectly in all conditions the hollower the better.

Yes, I am very happy. My boards are the best performing surfboards I have ever had in 35 years of surfing.

Being a surfer who surfs everyday, McCoy designs stand the test of time. I have some that are over 3 years old and in great condition. A true credit to the people involved in the manufacturing of them.

I have ridden McCoy designs for over 7 years now, and without any hesitation can sincerely recommend Geoff’s boards. I am very proud to ride McCoy. In summary – FORGET THE REST RIDE THE BEST.