Retro Range

The Double Ender 1967-2012 - 5"-6'6

THE DOUBLE ENDER design was the first design that I did on my own when I worked for Barry Bennett in 1967 – 8 then later under the Keyo label 1968 - 70 and then under my own McCoy label 1970 – 2012.

The double ender was the start of the really short boards in Australia, with Narrabeen as a base surf spot and the North Narrabeen board riders club (all of them) as test pilots.

It changed the way people surfed because they were so short, 5’ ~ 6’ 4” and easy to turn compared to the 7’ plus boards we had been surfing.
Theses designs were a major part of the short board revolution that took place during that period.

This is a very well balanced design in plan shape and thickness, the plan shape is elliptical having the wide point in the middle with nose and tail dimensions the same, the thickness is held from the middle and evenly distributed to nose and tail, these features combined with soft forgiving rails and the loaded dome bottom with only 1 fin ensure a smooth easy turning flowing performance in a very wide range of wave conditions from 2’ ~ 8’.

THE CHISEL TAIL PHASE I TWIN FIN 1970-2012 - 4'10-6'6

The chisel tail McCoy design was the first twin fin I shaped, the idea was taken from a photo of Tom Hoye holding one that he brought from the US.

I discovered the photo at around 8pm one night and by 10am the next day the board was in the water at Dee Why point.

I shaped it, and it was laminated by midnight and sanded early morning as the energy that came with the concept was very powerful, it lifted all of us into a new experience
It was this design which I introduced to the Great 4 Times World Champion Mark Richards. He later went on to refine and make adjustments to the design concept, with great success.

THE PHASE II TWIN FIN 1971-2012 - 5-6'6

This design came later after learning the basic characteristics from the original chisel tail design.

The nose area was reduced which allowed quicker elevation on the wave and shorter quicker arcs.

This design put a smile on many surfers’ faces at the time and is still capable of blowing your mind in the right conditions.

If you are a quiver person then one board should be a twin fin.

THE CLASSIC PINTAIL 1973-2012 - 5'6-8'

This is the eternal design surfboard first introduced around 1973.

The pulled nose sleek narrow round tail has been a reliable all round performer in a wide range of wave conditions, can be relied on to give a good solid performance every time it’s ridden.

This design suits the front foot surfer as the wide and thick points are in front of half way giving good support for the front foot pressure.


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