McCoy would like to say a big Thank You to it’s loyal riders.

Thanks to your dedication and support we are slowly changing the Surfing Industry for the Better.

It proves that common sense prevails and people who had been tricked into riding dysfunctional equipment promoted by ignorance from the media and big companies have slowly begun to see the light.

We, you and I together have helped them see the light. Common sense has prevailed and we are seeing a huge swing towards bigger more functional equipment.; the feedback which I receive consistently proves this.

Almost every day I receive emails and orders from you telling me how much more you are enjoying your surfing and how well the equipment is going for you. Stories from guys all over the World and I have you, my riders to thank for this. It makes an Old Designer very happy to know that through sticking to his guns he has won out.

I am seeing this in other Industries as well; many ‘new’ innovations come forward, usually as a new ‘gimmick’ for money, people rush to try them only to find that they have been a waste of time and money and go back to what has been tried and proven and is trusted. This is what I have always been about, quality and reliability in all areas, this is what my Product is known for and this is what it does. Together we are, The Real McCoy

Feature Photo: Alan Oshlack & Friends