McCoy Surfboards offers premium tints and sprays on their surfboards to enhance both their aesthetics and performance. Here’s a general description of what you might expect from these features:

  1. Premium Tints: A tint is a colored resin that is applied to the foam of the surfboard during the manufacturing process. McCoy Surfboards may offer a range of premium tints, providing customers with various color options to choose from. These tints are often translucent, allowing the natural beauty of the board’s fiberglass and foam to show through, giving the board a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Premium tints can add a touch of personalization to the surfboard, allowing surfers to express their style and preferences through the board’s color. Additionally, the tint may provide some UV protection to the board, helping to prevent yellowing and discoloration over time, which can be particularly important for surfers who spend a lot of time in the sun.

  1. Premium Sprays: A spray is a custom-painted design or pattern that is applied on top of the board’s fiberglass layer. McCoy Surfboards may offer premium spray options, which could include intricate designs, logos, or artwork created by skilled artists. These sprays can be customized to the surfer’s specifications, making each board a unique piece of functional art.

The premium spray not only enhances the board’s visual appeal but also adds a layer of protection to the fiberglass, helping to prevent scratches and dings from everyday use. The spray may be applied to the deck (top) of the board, the bottom, or both, depending on the surfer’s preferences and the design chosen.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the specific options for tints and sprays may vary depending on the surfboard model, the manufacturing process, and the customization choices offered by McCoy Surfboards at any given time.

As always, for the most current and accurate information about the premium tints and sprays available on McCoy surfboards, it’s best to fill out our custom board forms and we will  get in touch.